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5: Gender Equality

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SAVE THE DATE: PLOTINA FINAL CONFERENCE (27th-28th of January 2020, Bologna, Italy)

“PLOTINA. Promoting gender balance and inclusion in research, innovation and training”

The European Commission has acknowledged gender equality as a priority since the late 1990s and, to this end, the implementation of Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) across Europe has become a key strategy to realize EU gender mainstreaming policies in Academia and Research Performing Organizations (RPOs).

Consistently with this goal, the H2020 “PLOTINA” Consortium has designed and implemented self-tailored GEPs in its RPOs pursuing the following long-term objectives:

  • Preventing the waste of talent related to the drop-out of female researchers, namely in the STEM fields of study, through ad-hoc recruitment, retention and career progression, as well as work-personal life integration policies
  • Encouraging the increase of the number of women in governing bodies
  • Promoting the integration of the sex variable and the gender dimension in research to achieve high quality scientific knowledge
  • Promoting the inclusion of the sex variable and the gender dimension in teaching programmes and curricula design
  • Designing indicators and tools to measure gender equality within organizations

The international conference “ReGendering Science. For an inclusive research environment” (Bologna, 27th-28th of January 2020) aims at presenting the project outcomes and at discussing with academics, RPOs key actors and invited speakers about gender equality in research and in RPOs.

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