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5: Gender Equality

  • teaching

  • research

  • research

  • third mission

  • institution


  • Development and Incentivisation of the Professional Community

    Implementation of a policy for the growth and motivation of the professional community, comprising both teachers and the technical-administrative staff

  • Energy

    Energy plan to cut consumption, reduce polluting emissions and use innovative technology for the self-generation of energy

  • Gender Equality

    Development of a broad consensus about equal opportunities and preparation of a plan for gender equality

  • Graduation Ceremonies

    Recognising the completion of learning paths

  • Health and Safety

    Action on health and safety for the benefit of the entire community and promotion of a culture of prevention

  • Historical Seat

    Use of the Historical Seat as a laboratory for testing co-designed renewal projects, focused on the potential offered by our Cultural Heritage in terms of knowledge and innovation

  • Lifestyles

    Care and well-being of individuals as an integral part of an extended vision of sustainability

  • Mobility

    Sustainable mobility policies for a major multi-campus University.

  • Spaces for Students

    New spaces and solutions to make existing ones more functional and usable

  • Unibo Childhood Centres

    Creation of a new childhood centre in via Filippo Re

  • Un Sustainable Development Goals

    Alignment of the strategies and the reporting of activities with the 17 sustainable development goals contained in the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations

  • Work-Life Balance

    Positive action to reconcile the professional and private lives of all personnel

Integrated Research Team - ALMA GENDER

Alma Gender Integrated Research Team promotes research on gender issues, focusing on how societies shape, organize, and innovate gender roles, relations, identities, and representations of gender, and how these interact with other variables such as nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, profession, religion, economic status, etc.

Alma Gender IRT’s main goal is to create a network of scholars from different fields in order to promote research and teaching on gender issues and to advance gender equality within the University of Bologna’s community of students, teachers and workers.



The University of Bologna promotes the valorisation of gender-related issues through organization, the participation, the patronage, the dissemination of public initiatives (such as presentations, seminars, conferences, etc.) carried out in the Campuses where the University operates, as well as through the dissemination of publications, flyers, brochoures, ect. to gender issues.

From an analysis of the events advertised through the online magazine of the University of Bologna - “UniboMagazine”, in 2017 were published 32 articles on gender-related issues.