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ASC - Advanced Spectroscopy In Chemistry

ASEAN Student Engagement Initiative

BANUU - Designing new pathways for employability and entrepreneurship of Iraqi students in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

Building a narrative approach fostering collaboration between preschools and libraries

Building Internationalisation in Pakistan

CHINLONE-Connecting Higher education Institutions for a New leadership On National Education

CHIR - Chemical Innovation Regulation

CLE - Master Erasmus Mundus en Culture Litteraires Europeennes

Collective creativity and community education in cinematographic literacy for a climate action tourism

ECALFOR - Assesment of Teacher Training in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe. Quality guarantee for educational degrees

ENTEP – Enhancing Teaching Practice in Higher Education in RUSSIA and СHINA

EU best practices-based education in Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Culture for the Belarusian Academia - RADIUM

EULALIA - European Latin Linguistic Assessment

EYLBID - Empowering Young Language Brokers for Inclusion in Diversity


FORMBRIDGE Learning by doing Pedagogy - A Revised Approach to Foster Formative ladders and bridges

FORTH - Formation of Teachers in Emerging Challenged Areas in the Philippines

GRADUA - GRaduates Advancement and Development of University capacities in Albania

GrEnFin - Greening Energy Market and Finance

IDENTITIES: Integrate Disciplines to Elaborate Novel Teaching approaches to InTerdisciplinarity and Innovate pre-service teacher Education for STEM challenges

Improving Access to Science and Technology Higher Education in Resource-Poor Institutions through an Open Platform for Technology Enabled Active Learning Environment Activities – TEAL2.O

INSPIRE - INnovative Governance Practices in the Higher Educations Institutions in Iraq

International Zoo Conservation and Management


MEME - Me and the Media: Fostering Social Media Literacy competences through interactive learning sets for adults with disabilities

NeMo - New Monitoring Guidelines to Develop Innovative ECEC teachers’ curricula

ODISSEA - Organ Donation Innovative Strategies for South-East Asia

OMNI - BE Aware Student

OPEN-ing Laos Higher Education System to internationalisation strategies – OPEN

RECOGNISE - Legal Reasoning and Cognitive Science

RICH-Ed – Resources for Interculturality in Chinese Higher Education

RURAL 3.0: Service Learning for the Rural Development

StEER-Leb: Student Engagement, Empowerment and Representation in Lebanese Universities

T-INDIA: Tuning India

TICKET - Transnational Intercultural Competence through Knowledge Exchange and Training

TOOLKIT - Designing And Managing International Relations, Educational Projects And Mobility Schemes In Asian Universities

UNI-CO-leaRN: University Community Learning

UNISAFE - Security and safety on HEIs students and staff moving abroad

XCELING: Towards Excellence in Applied Linguistics. Innovative Second Language Education in Egypt

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