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4: Quality Education

  • teaching

  • research

  • research

  • third mission


  • AlmaContest

    Open innovation initiatives that involve students in the participative design and development of new applications

  • AlmaLaBOr and Elab Network

    Co-working spaces equipped with digital manufacturing technologies and networked with advanced research laboratories

  • Choose Unibo!

    Orientation of secondary school students, helping them to make informed decisions based on their interests and skills

  • Collegio Superiore

    Offer a high level, interdisciplinary learning path to high-achieving students enrolled in a University degree programme, supplementing their curricula with advanced interdisciplinary itineraries

  • Constructions

    Development, improvement and renovation of the buildings for all the campuses

  • Distinctive Contexts

    Development of new education and research projects in specific contexts for the University

  • Entrepreneurial Ideas and Team Training

    Events and activities that benefit the entire student community, in order to draw out new entrepreneurial ideas and support them via the provision of team training

  • E-Services for the Student Community

    Innovative digital services for the student community, designed in part by applying open innovation strategies

  • E-Technologies for Education

    Development of technological support for education, with digital integrated systems for classroom activities and a new MOOCs platform for distance learning

  • European and International Projects

    Promotion of strategic actions designed to attract additional European and international research funds

  • Geographical Strategies

    Strategic planning by geographical area, within a broad vision that encompasses education, research and the third mission

  • Graduation Ceremonies

    Recognising the completion of learning paths

  • ICT Infrastructure

    Renewal of the ICT infrastructure, both to comply with the regulatory requirements for the digital public administration, and to update support services and technologies

  • Institute of Advanced Studies

    Promotion of the Institute of Advanced Studies as a tool for involving international teachers and PhD students in the inter-disciplinary research and training activities of the structures on the various campuses.

  • Internationalisation at Home

    Expansion of University education that is transnational in terms of content and learning environment

  • International Mobility

    Incoming and outgoing mobility of students, teachers and technical-administrative staff

  • International Networks

    Active participation in the definition of European and international policies in the fields of higher education, research and the third mission

  • Libraries

    Actions to improve the quality of library services and make better use of archived and rare materials

  • Postgraduate Studies

    Expansion and leverage of post-graduate studies in order to meet new needs and tackle the continuous changes and transformations of society, the productive world and the world of work

  • Quality of Education

    Testing of innovative teaching methods that place students at the centre of the learning process and leverage the activities of teachers

  • Reception and Orientation Policies

    Improvement of the reception and orientation services for international students.

  • Right to Higher Education and Reception Policies

    Promotion of access to University education for capable and deserving students without resources and improvement of University living conditions and reception services

  • Simplification and Dematerialisation

    Administrative simplification and dematerialisation of processes, via action on the activities carried out by the structures and by the General Administration

  • Spaces for Students

    New spaces and solutions to make existing ones more functional and usable

  • Sports at Unibo

    Development and promotion of sports, partly as an educational activity for the development of specific abilities and aptitudes

  • Training of Teachers and Researchers

    Testing of innovative training activities for researchers and teachers, with a view to enhancing their teaching commitment and helping to improve quality

  • Transversal Competencies

    Enrichment of the learning paths of students via course units and laboratories designed to promote the development of cross-disciplinary skills in various contexts


    Actions for an even more inclusive University

  • Unibo4Refugees

    Welcome asylum seekers and refugees within degree programmes and the student community.

  • Unibo4Work

    Support for students actively seeking work during and at the end of their University careers