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10: Reduced Inequalities

  • teaching

  • research

  • research

  • third mission


  • Development and Incentivisation of the Professional Community

    Implementation of a policy for the growth and motivation of the professional community, comprising both teachers and the technical-administrative staff

  • Energy

    Energy plan to cut consumption, reduce polluting emissions and use innovative technology for the self-generation of energy

  • E-Services for the Student Community

    Innovative digital services for the student community, designed in part by applying open innovation strategies

  • E-Technologies for Education

    Development of technological support for education, with digital integrated systems for classroom activities and a new MOOCs platform for distance learning

  • Gender Equality

    Development of a broad consensus about equal opportunities and preparation of a plan for gender equality.

  • Graduation Ceremonies

    Recognising the completion of learning paths

  • Health and Safety

    Action on health and safety for the benefit of the entire community and promotion of a culture of prevention

  • Historical Seat

    Use of the Historical Seat as a laboratory for testing co-designed renewal projects, focused on the potential offered by our Cultural Heritage in terms of knowledge and innovation

  • Lifestyles

    Care and well-being of individuals as an integral part of an extended vision of sustainability

  • Mobility

    Sustainable mobility policies for a major multi-campus University.

  • Spaces for Students

    New spaces and solutions to make existing ones more functional and usable

  • Unibo Childhood Centres

    Creation of a new childhood centre in via Filippo Re


    Actions for an even more inclusive University

  • Unibo4Refugees

    Welcome asylum seekers and refugees within degree programmes and the student community.

  • Un Sustainable Development Goals

    Alignment of the strategies and the reporting of activities with the 17 sustainable development goals contained in the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations

  • Work-Life Balance

    Positive action to reconcile the professional and private lives of all personnel