Third Mission

In this page, all of our Third Mission projects are grouped by Goals.



The commitment and the improvement of the city life and community is one of main task for our University. We offer plenty of events and an University Museum Network of 14 museums, all over the campus cities and even more.

We organized 1.206 events in Bologna, 65 in Rimini, 45 in Forlì, 72 in Ravenna, 23 in Cesena and 53 in other places. The events we arranged can be grouped by type:

  • 401 events and meetings;
  • 141 performances and festivals;
  • 692 seminars and conferences;
  • 9 University ceremonies;
  • 50 exhibitions;
  • 125 workshop and guided tours;
  • 19 guidance and work;
  • 27 others.

We also implement various of sustainable activities and improvements in our buildings to enhance the quality of the entire ecosystem.
We had 251,153 m2 of smart buildings and 4,567,861 m2 of green areas (both taken from Green Metric 2016).


AlmaEngage is a virtual structure for coordinating development cooperation activities within the University of Bologna at a local and an international level. AlmaEngage is part of a broader process in which universities are opening up to the outside world, are actively engaging in social and public issues and are sharing as well as transferring knowledge to the benefit of society. This project serves as a way to promote and put in place any planned initiatives, as well as to create and implement new ones aimed at sensitizing and stimulating academic and non-academic stakeholders on the themes of development cooperation.

Within the activities of AlmaEngage, the University of Bologna has collaborated with international NGOs to identify opportunities for student mobility within development cooperation projects. As for promotion and communication, the University has recently created a photographic exhibition that shows its projects on development cooperation all over the world.


UI GreenMetric is an international ranking of universities, published by the Universitas Indonesia of Jakarta, focused on the evaluation of their environmental sustainability. The assessment is based on a list of items grouped including six areas: Setting and Infrastructure, Energy and Climate Change, Waste, Water, Transportation and Education.

In the last edition of the ranking (2017) the University of Bologna has been ranked at position 29th in the world, and at 1st position in the Italian rank. Our University is the national coordinator of Italian Hub of GreenMetric network, and in the September of 2017 has organized the first National and Technical workshop of UI GreenMetric in Bologna, hosting the representatives of over than 30 Italian universities.