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In this page, all of our Teaching projects for 2017 are grouped by Goals.

In our University 4,405 Sustainability Related course units are offered, divided in 5 main areas:

  • 603 for Clinical and Health;
  • 654 for Natural and Life Sciences;
  • 1,150 for Technology and Engineering;
  • 1,023 for Management and Social Sciences;
  • 975 for Arts and Humanities.

Discover them all here.

Teaching in University of Bologna for SDGs

The teaching activities and projects for the SDGs of the University of Bologna.


More than 15% of our students attends studies of Health and Well-being, distributed among the different courses in this amount:

  • 5,964 students in Medicine and Surgery;
  • 3,327 students in Psychology;
  • 3,146 students in Pharmacy and Biotechnology;
  • 1,014 postgraduates in Medical Specialization.



The University of Bologna has an Internal Quality Assurance System involving a self-assessment that allow the University to improve the quality of its study programmes. This process
aims provider an adequate response to the expectations of all actors who have an interest in the offered training service: students, families, companies, institutions, etc.

The system envisages the periodic analysis of significant data (such as the number of graduates in the course, the views of the students and the employment status of the graduates) collected both by the University and by the National Agency for the Evaluation of the University and Research System (ANVUR).

For each study programme, the outcome of the analysis is a self-evaluation report, in which strenghts and weaknesses are identified and concrete actions for improvement are planned. After the study programmes have completed their activities, the Joint Teacher-Student Committees and the Univeristy Quality Committee examine the documentation, in order to monitor the functioning of the self-assessment activities and identify ideas for improving the quality of teaching, based on an overview of all the degree programmes offered by the University.


We put into practice various initiatives and programmes in order to stimulate the entrepreneurship and innovation, from bottom-up and student side and also from research and staff departments.

The PdA _phase1 of AlmaCube aims at offering students, on a continuous basis, the opportunity to disclose their ideas any time during the year. Students disclose their ideas to a team of experts who will help and assist them to find their way in the initial stages of the generation of an entrepreneurial opportunity and develop a preliminary assessment.

Start up day: event organised by University of Bologna to promote the merging of skills and entrepreneurial development in young people. The aim of the event is helping students and graduates to successfully kickstart their entrepreneurial ideas and facilitating the encounter between those who have an idea (startuppers) and those who want to practice their skills (players).

The PdA _phase2 of AlmaCube aims at pushing further those students’ ideas showing potential for business development. Students whose ideas are selected in phase 1 are introduced to a training program up to 6/9 months aimed at developing their ideas until they are ready to be submitted to the most appropriate incubators/accelerators.

The Entrepreneurship education consists in ad-hoc courses for undergraduate and postgraduate curricula in all of the disciplines/fields offering the basic notions of entrepreneurship (feasibility analysis, business planning, etc.). More advanced courses are available only in specific disciplines (management and engineering) and Master programs are offered by BBS Bologna Business School.