Quality education

The university puts the students first, even during the pandemic university acted urgently by shifting urgently from physical to online mode and providing facilities for more vulnerable students. Among which there were:

ONLINE LIBRARY offered more electronic collections compared to 2019 to meet documentation requirements (specifically related to teaching) in the face of limitations to mobility and access to physical facilities.


The most important platforms used are: EOL - Esami Online platform, with a plagiarism control system and with the two video conferencing platforms, MS Teams and Zoom allowing teaching staff to carry out surveillance in real time, besides Virtual Learning Environment was created to allow teachers to hold lectures simultaneously in synchronous (through the creation of a virtual classroom) and asynchronous mode (with the professional management of lesson recordings, through integration with the Panopto multimedia platform). Another essential tool for managing mixed teaching is the Present application, a system that allows students to signal their intention to participate in face-to-face teaching activities and allows the teacher to manage the capacity of the classroom and maintain a safe distance.

ONLINE CONNECTION SUPPORT UNIBO offered 11,144 DATA SIM cards, valid for one semester, with 100 gigabytes/month of data included, to students enrolled in the 2020/2021 academic year to support the emerging online education requirements.

SUPPORT FOR DIDACTIC INNOVATION - TEACHER TRAINING The university has carried out a survey of online teaching experiences, intending to bring out and popularise good practices and ideas for the support and innovation of teaching methodologies

RECOGNITION OF CIVIC ENGAGEMENT TO UNIBO STUDENTS in 2020, the university conducted an experimental third-mission initiative to understand and map the student community’s involvement in volunteer citizenship actions or civic engagement during the COVID-19 emergency and beyond.