The real-time and responsive approach of Alma Mater-University of Bologna to the COVID-19 pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic is enhancing the transformative value of the 2030 Agenda, helping us to make decisions today with a clear understanding of the systemic long-term implications that our choices will have on SDGs, avoiding non-integrated approaches and suboptimal actions. The University of Bologna has embraced the principles of sustainable development by integrating them into all its institutional processes, plans and documents defining University governance and management activities.

Protect and Treat: the crowdfunding platform to support Unibo research for the Covid-19 emergency

The donations will support five projects launched by the University of Bologna: a laboratory for the assessment of the conformity of health protection devices, a telemedicine system for the remote control of patients, new techniques for the diagnosis and containment of the disease, production of components for lung respirators, development of new materials for FFP3 type masks.

COVID-19 Research Repository

The University of Bologna has built the COVID-19 Research Database: a dynamic tool that collects ideas, services and projects from the research groups of the University of Bologna, which intended to share them with the scientific community, institutional partners and companies, nationally and internationally. The database aims to encourage joint research, from the clinical to the technological, from the social to the economic sphere.

Covid-19 research projects

  • COVID-19 Research Projects

    In response to the current health emergency, numerous Covid-19 specific funding opportunities have been announced and promoted at regional, national, and international level. Please find the projects awarded to the University in relation to the main funding calls.

Covid-19 – The measures adopted by the University of Bologna

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Articles on the University of Bologna’s Covid-19 Research

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