• Undertaking research that provides solutions to sustainable development challenges

  • Providing the educational opportunity for our students to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to boost sustainable development

  • Campus programs and trainings to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs


The course Higher Education for Sustainable Development Goal introduces the concept of Sustainable Development and the recent debate and policies promoted at the global level to face urgent environmental and societal challenges. 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the SDGs, have been promoted by the United Nations in 2015 aiming at responding to those global challenges by 2030. We all are called to transform our world toward a sustainable future, combating most of the inequalities and reducing the environmental impact of our societies. No one has to be left behind in this race, hence we need innovative solutions to address most of the SDGs on time and achieve these ambitious targets. Educating future society leaders to sustainability is a must and has to permeate all aspects of your future career and personal life. We want our students to be ambassadors for a sustainable development.

Research with Impact

Various collaborative research projects are going on at the University of Bologna to tackle the sustainability problems of the university and society with too many researchers attempting to reach sustainable goals until 2030.


    The project NANOMEMC2 develops innovative CO2 selective membranes, using nanocellulose and graphene. This helps to create a more sustainable production with lower CO2 emissions, aligned with SDG 9 of the Agenda 2030.

  • EUMentorSTEM

    The project EUMentorSTEM aims to support the labour market inclusion of migrant women with a STEM background (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) aligned with SDG 5 of the Agenda 2030.


    The PLOTINA projects wants to enable the development, implementation and assessment of self-tailored Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) with innovative and sustainable strategies for the Research Performing Organizations (RPOs) involved. This projects aims to fulfill the SDG 5 to have a gender equal societies.


    The research project PROVIDE intended to enhance the situation of public goods in Europe. Public goods are so important for the health and the development of the society. Aligned with SDG 15, this project aims to preserve the environment of forestry and agriculture fields, in order to create

  • CATCH-EyoU

    The research project CATCH-EyoU wants to fill the gap between young people and political institutions. It empowers youth in democratic processes for a more sustainable and active society, creating a strong network aligned with SDG 17.

  • xCycle

    The research project xCycle developed systems to detect cyclists and autos from vehicles, in order to prevent road fatalities. Totally aligned with SDG 11, it helps to creates sustainable, resilient, safe, inclusive cities and promotes active mobility.

  • ADMS

    The research project ADMS implemented a system to monitors and acts on power networks. With non-invasive equipment it reduces power losses and increases grid efficiency, on the line with SDG 7.


    SMART COASTS is the Winner of the first Horizon Impact Award, a prize dedicated to EU-funded projects that have created societal impact across Europe and beyond. This project considered as climate smart development of European coastal areas focused on developing people-centered solutions to climate change.