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ONLINE The Report on U.N. Sustainable Development Goals 2019

The Report on U.N. Sustainable Development Goals 2019 of the University of Bologna is now available.
Discover all the actions, initiatives and projects for the SDGs that the Alma Mater carries on for teaching, research, third mission and institution.
It can be downloaded and read totally online without printing to be sustainable.

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"Feeling Home" - The University of Bologna for the SDGs

"The mission of the University of Bologna for the Sustainable Development Goals. Since its founding, the Alma Mater has been student-focused. Faithful to its mission, and thanks to a history that has consolidated over time, the University of Bologna is fully aware that students represent the society of tomorrow and that its activities can produce significant impact, both direct and indirect. The University of Bologna is committed to the values of sustainability, pursuing the SDGs and teaching the best suitable practices to achieve them within 2030."


"With a view to accepting the challenges imposed by modern society and directing all our institutional activities towards the pursuit of sustainable development, the University planning and reporting processes, which document our objectives, activities and results, now take full account of the 17 sustainable development goals proposed in the 2030 Agenda adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations."

Francesco Ubertini, Rector

Our commitment for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

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