STEP - Pedagogy of Citizenship and Teacher Training: an alliance between school and territory

Third Mission Projects; Europe


The STEP Project (Pedagogy of citizenship and teacher training: an alliance between the school and local environment) is an opportunity to compare and build knowledge and shared skills between future teachers and experts around relevant issues:

  • How to train children / young people to active citizenship by relying on the relationship between school and territory?
  • How to train for active citizenship, promoting transdisciplinarity in school curricula?
  • Which teaching approaches and strategies can be considered as good practices?
  • What are the effective training strategies for teacher training in relation to the education of transdisciplinary and transversal skills?
  • How to stimulate teachers towards an awareness of the conceptual meaning and practical implications of citizenship and, consequently, to be proactive and reflective about their professional practices and their professional development?


From international research on teacher training, a strong need to establish partnerships between schools and universities clearly emerges, which European policies have gathered and underlined as a priority. In line with the indications of the "Education and Training 2020" program (ET 2020), the definition of common working methods and the shared identification of the priority areas of intervention are necessary to make lifelong learning a reality for all.